Our mission

“To instill fundamental life skills into disadvantaged Ugandan children and empower them to create a better future for themselves.”


New campus

We are located at suburbs of Kabalagala, in Kikuba Mutwe where we rent a small space which we utilize for our computer lab, office and academic classes. However this space is not enough to help us fulfill our mission and reach our vision. Through donations, we raise funds to construct a new campus.

Disaster program

The Young Disaster Resilience Leaders (yDRL) is a pilot program that we carried out with Tulane University’s Disaster Resilience Leadership (DRL) program at the Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy and Makerere University’s School of Public Health.

Sponsor a child

People Concern Children’s Project has a sponsorship program as one of the activities in place, the children that finish at the organization continue to other schools that have more high classes than the few classes at the organization, we therefore argue the well wishers to support --


We bring you latest information about our organisation, programs such as sports and other competitions and community engagement. Such information you will never find in the media--

Our team

At PCCP well wishers bring together individuals efforts and together we form a collective effort, which has helped us achieve our goals everyday. Meet our team--

What we do

We believe that one day, every child will have the necessary skills to help themselves. So we set up various academics and skills empowerment programs, to guide us there --

Our sponsors


G 12 IT

We work with

Break Dance Project Uganda

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